Chiropractic Care in Westwood and NYC

Looking for a chiropractor in New York City or Westwood, New Jersey?  Look no further than Intrinsic Chiropractic of New Jersey. Our NYC chiropractors are here to help!  Read on to learn more about the methodology behind one of Bergen County’s and NYC’s best chiropractic offices.

Chiropractic care can be useful for a wide-variety of conditions. Chiropractic is not a treatment of any one disease, but a procedure to restore proper bio-mechanics of the spine and function of the nervous system. Chiropractic is most commonly associated with low back pain and neck pain, however, chiropractic has been shown to help with a wide-variety of conditions.

How does chiropractic work? To understand why and how chiropractic works, one must have a basic understanding of anatomy. Every organ, tissue, and cell in the body is under the control of the brain via the nervous system. Without the nervous system, no life can exist. The nervous system starts with the brain and leaves the skull as the spinal cord. The spinal cord travels through the spinal canal and exits at various levels to create nerves. These nerves are responsible for controlling every organ, cell, and tissue.

Chiropractic concerns itself with the bones of the spine and how each segment moves in relation to the other segments. When these segments become stuck or misaligned, the signal between the brain and the rest of the body become altered, in chiropractic we call this a subluxation. A specific, chiropractic adjustment can restore proper motion and the signal between the brain and body.

Techniques Used at your Local Westwood and  NYC Chiropractor’s Office

Our Westwood and NYC chiropractors are proud to offer a wide variety of techniques to our patients. A chiropractic technique is an adjustive procedure performed by a chiropractor to a move a subluxation back into its normal position. This will restores proper spinal biomechanics and allowing the nervous system to function properly. There are many different styles that are used in particular situations. Your NYC chiropractor will assess which chiropractic technique is best suited per situation.

Different Chiropractic Techniques for Different Chiropractic Situations

We understand that many people are hesitant to have anything “cracked” and many times avoid trying chiropractic. We pride ourselves on offering multiple chiropractic techniques that are low force and are extremely gentle. Chiropractic techniques can vary and will look different. Every chiropractic technique has the primary objective of removing a subluxation, however, based on the patient and their specific case, one chiropractic technique may be preferred over another. Below is a list of the techniques utilized at Intrinsic Chiropractic.

For more information on each technique, please click on the techniques drop down menu and select a technique to learn more about it. Please call us anytime for more information on chiropractic and chiropractic techniques. Your Westwood and NYC chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Walko, will determine this through an evaluation.

If you are looking for chiropractic care in NYC or Westwood, New Jersey? Look no further than Intrinsic Chiropractic!.  At Intrinsic Chiropractic in Westwood and NYC, we offer complete and comprehensive chiropractic treatment.  This is done in an effort to treat a multitude of conditions and ailments.  Dr. Walko has spent years honing his skills in a number of chiropractic techniques.  Some of the techniques we offer are:

  • Activator
  • Blair Upper Cervical
  • Diversified
  • SOT
  • Thompson Drop

For more information about the conditions we treat, click here.

As one of the top Bergen County chiropractors, Dr. Anthony Walko utilizes his extensive education and experience to find a comfortable, yet highly-customized treatment for each patient.  In recent years, Dr. Walko has become the go to chiropractor in Westwood and NYC.  Additionally, he is currently treating patients from the surrounding towns including: Washington Township, Park Ridge, Hillsdale, Emerson, Oradell, Ho-Ho-Kus, Woodcliff Lake, Montvale, Saddle River, Ramsey, River Dale, NYC, Upper East Side, Mid-town East.