Durable Medical Equipment

Empire Spine and Rehab and Intrinsic Wellness are located in Westwood, New Jersey and Midtown East, NYC are proud to able to provide our patients with durable medical equipment or DME. Items like braces, traction collars, TENs units fall under the category of DME. DME is routinely used to help stabilize an area of complaint or provide some extra relief so that the benefits gained from chiropractic, physical therapy, or acupuncture are maintained for longer periods of time. DME should only be used when prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider.


Does everyone need DME?

The short answer is no. DME is useful to help stabilize and protect one’s injuries or to help modulate a patient’s pain. Some patients will respond positively with only conservative treatment, however DME is a useful tool for those who are not responding.


Who typically needs DME?

DME is going to vary patient to patient and case to case. If someone has recently suffered a traumatic injury, i.e. a slip and fall or a motor vehicle accident, that patient may need extra support to prevent that injury from getting worse.


Why can’t I go to a pharmacy and buy my own DME?

Many times the quality of the braces that a patient can buy over the counter are not the quality our team would recommend. Braces with elastic many times wear and cannot be used again. The braces supplied by Intrinsic Wellness are medical quality and in many cases can be used even after the injury has healed for extra support. A chiropractic physician is trained on how to properly prescribe and fit a patient for items like back-braces and TENS units.


Will my insurance company cover my DME purchase?

Many times insurance companies will cover some percentage of a DME purchase. If you are located in the Westwood or West New York (WNY) areas, our team can gladly perform a free insurance verification check to see if your insurance company with cover a DME purchase.


Does Medicare Cover DME purchases?

Medicare will cover a DME purchase, however it must be through a Medicare specific supplier and it must be prescribed by an MD. If you are a Medicare patient, our team at Intrinsic Wellness will find a local DME supplier in the Westwood or West New York (WNY) area to help you get what you need.


Will I need to use my DME forever?

You should discuss with your chiropractic physician or medical doctor regarding how and when to use any DME prescribed. That being said, most DME items are non-habit forming and may provide some extra support or pain relief.


Intrinsic Wellness is located at 227 Washington Ave in Westwood, New Jersey and Empire Spine and Rehab is located at 235 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017.