It’s 5 PM and you have been at your desk for the last 8 hours. Both your neck and upper back feel like a rock. Your head is throbbing, and it feels like you have a rock concert playing in between your ears. You try to move your head to the left and right, but everything just feels stuck! Is this you???

In a desperate attempt, you pop a few over the counter medications (OTC), and they help at first, however over time, the pain occurs more frequently and the effectiveness of the medication dwindles. Again, does this sound like you? Have you experienced this before? Don’t fret, chiropractic for neck pain can safely and effectively reverse the changes of bad posture and get rid of those symptoms for good!

It is reported that 1 in every 3.5 people suffer from some type of headache within the US. OTC medications are the number one remedy for this complaint. However, the continued use of this medication creates risks for organ damage and an increase in tolerance. This tolerance requires the sufferer to increase the dosage, which continues the cycle and increases the associated risks.

Chiropractic for neck pain is safe and effective and attacks the problem at the cause!

To understand how chiropractic care can help a headache, we need to talk about where they are coming from in the first place! When you sit for hours at a time, the joints in the spine begin to lock up which causes a reduction in mobility or motion. Your head travels forward; putting stress on the joints and muscles of your neck. When the spine becomes stuck the muscles surrounding the area have to compensate to support a now, immobile (non-movable) set of joints. Besides causing problems with the joints, the muscles and ligaments are also affected.

A healthy muscle should feel like an uncooked steak, however when poor posture sets in, your muscles will feel well done. Because the muscles of the shoulders and neck attach at the skull, they will strain muscles of the head causing a headache! So yes, your headaches could very well be coming from your neck. There are multiple causes of headaches and it is important to seek out trained healthcare professional to have a thorough exam and evaluation.

Chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals extensively trained to find and correct the dysfunction at the level of the joint and restore motion within the joint complex.

Your NYC chiropractors and NJ chiropractors are here to help you! Our NYC chiropractors utilize advanced technology to find the source of your problem and generate a treatment plan to fix your problem.


Posted by Dr. Anthony Walko