Meet Our Westwood Acupuncturist

In 2019, licensed acupuncturist Heather Trujillo joined our Westwood Wellness team. Heather brings with us her 12 years of acupuncturist experience. Our Westwood acupuncturist reports that she has seen a wide-variety of conditions respond well to acupuncture treatments.
WARNING – reported side effects of acupuncture treatments include more satisfying sleep, better functioning bowels, greater sense of well being, less pain
SO… How does acupuncture work?
According to Chinese Medicine, energy in our bodies flow through channels called Meridians. This energy called Qi, pronounced as “chee”, can get blocked and out of balance, leading to illness. These blockages can be caused by external factors (such as cold, damp weather, physical trauma, etc.) or internal factors (such as stress, unhealthy diets, etc.). The very fine acupuncture needles placed on identified points, assist to unblock the Qi and bring us back to balance. There is no western medical explanation for Qi; however, there is over 5,000 years of empirical evidence proving the effectiveness of acupuncture.
What are some common conditions that respond well with acupuncture treatment? **
Chronic/ Acute Pain Fibromyalgia Back pain Arthritis Headaches Digestive Problems Irritable Bowel Nausea Excessive hunger Bloating Ears/Nose/Throat Frequent colds Sinusitis Sore throat Tinnitus Emotional Depression Anxiety Irritability Poor memory Cardiovascular High blood press Palpitations Poor circulation Rapid Ht rate Gynecological Menopause PMS PCOS Fertility Dermatological Hives Rashes Eczema Dry skin Respiratory Difficulty breathing Cough Asthma COPD Auto Immune Allergies Lupus Celiac disease Thyroid dx Addictions Smoking cessation Alcohol Overeating Neurological Trigeminal Pain Bell’s Palsy Post stroke tx Numbness Miscellaneous Cancer tx support Fatigue Freq urination Insomnia
** Do not consider this list to be exhaustive, but only a sample of conditions that acupuncture can help**.
Remember to always check with your medical physician before starting any treatment for any medical condition you have been diagnosed with.