Wrist Pain from a Motor Vehicle Accident

Were you involved in an auto or motor vehicle accident and now have wrist pain? Your wrist is one of the most complex areas in your hand and is easily injured. The wrist has 13 bones, 8 carpal bones and 5 metacarpals. This means the wrist is made up of an intricate set of bones, muscles and tendons and any one of these structures can be involved in a car accident. Any auto accident (no matter how seemingly small) can cause a wrist injury due to the complexity of the parts that comprise it. When you’ve been in an auto accident you tend to only notice the major damage such as back and neck pain and other associated bruises. Smaller injuries like wrist pain may go unnoticed initially. Your Hackensack chiropractor is trained to asses the mobility and health of your wrist and get you the treatment you need! If your chiropractor believes one of the bones are fractured, they will refer you out for diagnostic imaging and an orthopedic consultation. If your injury is only a soft-tissue injury, conservative care may be an option for you. Call your Hackensack chiropractor today to see how Intrinsic Wellness can help you today!

What Causes a Wrist Injury in a Car or Motor Vehicle Accident?

Blunt force trauma is the culprit that is responsible for injuries to your wrist. Blunt force trauma can be best described as a strong impact. This trauma is the result of your body moving backward and/or forward very quickly without you having time to react. Broken glass or hitting your wrist on the steering wheel, dashboard, or even being tangled up in the seatbelt can also cause a wrist injury. Although wrist injuries are fairly common in a motor vehicle accident, they can vary in type and magnitude. 

There are two main types of wrist injuries. These two types of injuries are best classified as soft-tissue injuries and injuries to the bone. The most common symptoms are pain in the wrist area, swelling, numbness and even a tingling sensation when using the wrist. The pain could manifest itself at the time of the accident, or take days or even weeks to appear. This usually occurs when you hurt other parts of your body and your mind is pre-occupied with the back or neck pain you’re suffering from.

Soft-Tissue Injuries


This injury is when the tendons of the wrist get damaged and inflamed. The tendons are now too large to fit in the small space of the wrist. Severe pain around the wrist joins usually occurs with tendonitis, as well as numbness, tingling, or radiating pain. 

Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains are usually the worst because they can take days or even weeks before they fully manifest, and even then you may not be sure it’s an injury related to the auto accident. Some sprains and strains are worse than others, and in that case it is very advisable to see a chiropractor or other healthcare professional immediately.

The ligaments that attach to the bones may be torn, sprained or ruptured complexly. In certain cases your doctor will require surgery to fix the tendons. After any motor vehicle accident, it is highly recommend to be evaluated by a healthcare professional even if you do not have immediate pain. 

Injuries to the Bone


The 13 bones in your wrist are small and delicate. It doesn’t take much to break or fracture one of them.  The pain will most likely be severe and there will be a-lot of inflammation and swelling. If your Hackensack chiropractor has determined you have a fractured bone, they will refer you out for an orthopedist consultation. 


Treatment of Wrist Injuries 

Your Hackensack chiropractor holds an advanced degree in chiropractic. Chiropractors can utilize a wide-variety of diagnostic tests to assess the source of your wrist pain. Our chiropractors at Intrinsic Wellness can utilize diagnostic imaging, electro-diagnostic testing, and orthopedic tests to determine whether your injury is only affecting the soft-tissues or is also affecting the bones.

Once your Hackensack chiropractor has determined the source of your wrist pain, he or she may treat it with different chiropractic modalities such as electrical muscle stimulation, laser, ultrasound, heat, ice, or soft-tissue mobilization. Most likely, you will be prescribed an orthopedic brace to stabilize the area. Once your Hackensack chiropractor has brought your inflammation, a patient most likely will start physical therapy. If you are having excess pain in your wrist, your chiropractor may refer you out to acupuncture or pain management.

The small muscles and tendons of the wrist are easily damaged in a car accident. Our Hackensack physical therapists are trained to find the dysfunctional muscles and joints of the wrists and use various physical medicine modalities to rehab the damaged tissues. Wrist injuries can take a long time to heal so it is important follow your treatment prescribed by your Hackensack chiropractor and physical therapist.

If you or your loved ones have hurt their wrist in an auto accident, call Intrinsic Wellness today. Intrinsic Wellness proudly serves the following areas with chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture care, Hackensack, South Hackensack, Ridgefield, Ridgefield Park, Oradell, Westwood, Paramus, Hillsdale, Rivervale.