Any mom will tell you that pregnancy related back pain is a real thing. The occurrence is so high that researchers wanted to study how typical moms-to-be suffer from low back pain (LBP). Rates range from 25% to 90%, with most studies estimating that 50% of pregnant women will suffer from LBP. This population is at risk because their options for treatment are so limited. As science advances, we are learning how medications can negatively impact the mother and baby on board. The lack of medical treatments available creates a problem for women looking for options to treat their low back pain.

A pregnancy chiropractor has been shown to be both effective and safe for moms and babies. To understand why so many expecting mothers have low back pain, we need to explain how the low back pain is occurring in the first place.

Pain can only occur under two situations, an increase in pain (inflammation) or an increase in pressure (decrease in space). Over the course of 9 months, pregnant women are growing with a reduction in space causing an increase in pressure. Every mom will agree, to make space for the baby on board, the body will shift everything to make room (decreasing space and increasing pressure). As the pregnancy progresses, the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia become stretched to accommodate the growing baby. This process puts increased stress on the joints and discs of the low back. When space decreases, pressure increases. As mom’s center of gravity becomes wider, the spine is responsible for supporting both mom and the baby. Now that we understand why there is pain and how it occurs, it is important to learn how chiropractic can help.

Chiropractic care has been proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of pregnancy related low back pain.

Chiropractic care assesses the spine for areas of misaligned and immobile (nonmoving) segments. When the joints no longer move, pressure increases, which can and most likely will cause pain. The joints that are not stuck will have to work double-time causing inflammation and more pain! Chiropractic has been shown to break this repetitive cycle! The chiropractic adjustment has been proven to increase spinal movement as well as decrease the pressure and inflammation building inside the joint and disc. A chiropractor is trained to diagnose the source of the low back pain and treat it accordingly. Besides the chiropractic adjustment, chiropractors can also use various treatments including massage, muscle taping, stretching, and exercises. If a patient is nervous about receiving a chiropractic adjustment, there are numerous low-force techniques that a chiropractor can use that are gentle and proven to be effective.

Pregnancy chiropractic techniques like Drop-Table, Activator, and Flexion and Distraction are all safe and low force techniques for any concerned moms to be.

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Posted by Dr. Anthony Walko