Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Injuries


Were you recently involved in a motor vehicle accident or MVA in or around Hackensack or Westwood, New Jersey? Did you hit your shoulder and now have pain? Our team at Intrinsic Wellness is here to help you get the relief you need. Many times after an accident a patient can have shoulder pain initially after the MVA or even weeks after. When it comes to a shoulder injury, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Shoulder injuries if left untreated will form scar tissue that can result in conditions like frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement syndrome, .


How are Shoulder Injuries Evaluated?


At Intrinsic Wellness we believe the first place to start when evaluating any injury is with a thorough history. How was the shoulder impacted? How was your car impacted during the motor vehicle accident? Did you shoulder hurt initially after? Did you receive any imaging of your shoulder previously to this examination? Examination questions like these help our providers try to best understand the damage that has been sustained by the shoulder and what the best course of treatment would be. In most cases, imaging of the shoulders will be performed to make sure there is not fracture of significant soft-tissue damage that would require a surgical consultation.


How are Shoulder Injuries Treated?


Once a proper diagnosis is established, your provider will formulate a treatment plan for your specific shoulder injuries. Most people with shoulder injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident will benefit from some sort of conservative treatment. This could be chiropractic, physical therapy, and/or acupuncture. Our primary goal when first starting care is to reduce pain and inflammation in and around the shoulder joint. Our team will achieve this by using physical medicine modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cold laser, gentle stretching, joint mobilization, soft-tissue manipulation, and mechanical traction. Like mentioned previously, time is of the essence because once scar tissue formation has occurred, the likelihood of success declines. The longer the scar tissue is allowed to proliferate, the less likely it is you will return to pre-injury status.  


Based on the damage, you also may be prescribed durable medical equipment for your injury. For a shoulder injury, this would mainly include shoulder braces and TENS units. Certain injuries require immobilization to heal because of the extent of the damage. Although our doctors would rather see an individual moving that shoulder to prevent scar tissue formation, however sometimes the damage is too large to not allow the shoulder joint to rest and heal. TENS units are great for pain modulation. TENS units help block the pain sensors from sending signals to the brain. TENS in non-habit forming and is a great alternative to OTC medications and prescription narcotics.


Unfortunately, not all shoulder injuries respond to conservative treatment. Don’t worry, you still have options! This is why Intrinsic Wellness has established relationships with orthopedic surgeons if that route is necessary to fix the damage that has resulted from a motor vehicle accident.


When scar tissue formation has occurred and a patient is not responding to conservative treatment, our chiropractors may recommend a procedure known as manipulation under anesthesia. The medical team performing the procedure will stretch a patient and bring their joints to safe end ranges to help promote range of motion and break-up scar tissue. Patients report being able to move their shoulders more with less pain post-MUA.  


If you or your loved one is suffering with a shoulder injury from a motor vehicle accident, please call Intrinsic Wellness today to learn more about how our team can help! We proudly have two offices in Westwood and Hackensack, New Jersey. If you are located in Westwood, Hackensack, Old Tappan, Maywood, Rivervale, South Hackensack, Hillsdale, Teaneck, Paramus, Woodcliff Lake, Northvale, Bergenfield, or Bogota, we are only about a 10 minute drive from the aforementioned areas.