Chiropractic care has long been used as maintenance on the human body for the everyday rigors that we all endure. Many of us who use chiropractic care regularly can attest to its many benefits such as improved posture and healthy joints. Such benefits apply doubly so to athletes of all kinds. From the humble golfer to the right tackle on the local peewee football team to the everyday business man enjoying an evening out on the softball field everyone benefits from chiropractic care.

Do Professional Athletes use Chiropractic Care?

You bet they do. Professional athletes endure some of the most destructive abuse on the human body imaginable. They rely on maintenance programs to make sure they not only recover properly but to help make sure they avoid injuries altogether. Every single NFL team has a chiropractor on staff. That’s every single NFL team. Professional baseball teams? Again, every single baseball team has a chiropractor on staff. Hockey? Check. NASCAR Drivers? Check. Professional golfers? So many professional golfers utilize chiropractic care that any golfer who doesn’t would be considered an anomaly. Chiropractic care is used by so many athletic organizations and individual professional athletes that at this point it should be regarded as ubiquitous. Chiropractic care isn’t just a perk for these athletes it’s a necessity to remain competitive and to function.

Do Child, and Amateur Athletes Really Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Athletic performance enhancements aside, we’ll talk about those soon enough, let’s talk about the rigors of sports participation on the human body. Among high-school students, the most common injuries are readily predictable. Sprains, fractures, dislocations, swollen muscles, and strained tendons. The very premise of practicing a sport is to push the body to the limits in order to increase a participant’s skill and proficiency. Now using chiropractic care to help recover from any of these injuries is well established. Realigning the skeletal structure helps promote healing and minimizes pain. However, there’s still a lot to be said for using chiropractic care for preventing injuries.

The Journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders published a study that found the utilization of chiropractic care substantially reduced the occurrence of back pain, time missed on the field, and strain injuries for a semi-pro Australian football team. Overall the athletes recalled having an improvement in overall health and a greater state of well-being. Mind you these were semi-professional athletes who would likely be afforded time off and medical care should the situation call for it. Students and business professional would probably not be afforded the same luxuries making it just that more imperative to use preventative medicine.

What About Athletic Performance Enhancements?

The secret to chiropractic care’s role in athletic performance enhancement is its ability to aid in the continued involvement of the athlete in the sport. Keeping the athlete on the field and performing with maximal resources and injury free; as such chiropractic care is an enormous resource regardless of the sport or activity being performed or practiced. Weekend, amateur, and professional athletes all attain their level of proficiency by refining their skills on the field. Time spent on the field means continued enhanced abilities with which to outperform other competitors.

It’s the continued maintenance that’s the key. Performing at optimal efficiency requires the body be in optimal performing order. Maintaining skeletal alignment not only protects and supports the spine itself but the corresponding joints as well. It’s this complete picture that a chiropractor takes into consideration that allows them to structure a program for each individual athlete. A program that best incorporates an athlete’s lifestyle and prevents futures injuries which not only enhances performance but increases overall quality of life.


Posted by Dr. Anthony Walko