Intrinsic Chiropractic of New Jersey is the newest chiropractic office in Westwood, New Jersey. We pride ourselves on being “At the Root of Your Health.” Our doctors believe in finding the cause of your problem, rather than just treating a symptom. Did you know that most chronic low back and neck pain originates from the stress of bad posture?

If we don’t address the bad posture, the pain will re-occur, it’s that simple.

Studies have shown that our posture is directly linked to our overall health. Every cell in our body is controlled by a nerve directly linked to our spine and spinal cord. When we consider the anatomy, it makes sense that poor posture has a much more significant impact than just neck and back pain!

Here at Intrinsic Chiropractic of New Jersey, we believe in having a comprehensive approach regarding your care. When a patient first presents to our office, our primary goal is to get the patient out of pain. This stage of recovery aims to decrease inflammation, decrease pain, increase the range of motion and return the patient to their normal daily activities. A chiropractor may use a variety of techniques and passive modalities like electrical stimulation, manual therapy, kinesio taping, laser, ultrasound, traction, and chiropractic adjustments to get a patient out of pain. Outside referrals may also be necessary. Whether it is a medical consultation, acupuncture, or physical therapy, our team has an extensive referral network of renowned practitioners.

Once the goal of getting our patient out of pain is accomplished, the corrective work begins.

Like we mentioned previously, the real work begins with the corrective aspect of care. Our doctors will analyze your case history to determine the source of your pain and implement a physiotherapy plan of action. Our chiropractors will find what’s causing your pain and which exercises and stretches will reverse the damage from chronic repetitive stress brought on from your day to day activities. For most of our patients, there will be homework. Like school, the more you do your homework, the better the results will be. Once a patient hits specific objective benchmarks, the maintenance phase of chiropractic care will begin.

Maintenance care is essential in preventing relapses in musculoskeletal conditions. At this point, a patient should have no pain and should have returned to their normal daily activities. If a patient does not continue to receive regular chiropractic adjustments and continue with their prescribed homework, old habits will creep back in. A patient should get adjusted at least once a month and do their prescribed exercises a few times per week to prevent future injuries. We find most of our patients that continue with chiropractic maintenance do very well and even increase their activity levels when compared with what they were able to accomplish at their pre-injury status.

Our team is available to help you stay on track with your care. Whether you have questions about exercises, different treatment options, or how you can improve your overall health through natural means, Intrinsic Chiropractic of New Jersey is here to help.

Intrinsic Chiropractic of New Jersey proudly serves the following areas, Westwood, Washington Township, Hillsdale, River Vale, Paramus, Ho-Ho-Kus, and Ridgewood. Please call our office anytime to learn more about chiropractic care for you or a loved one.


Posted by Dr. Anthony Walko